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elizabeth commented on "Interview with 3 Former US Marines, the Boyle brothers" 2015-08-07 7:29pm

Awesome video! Wish these guys would run for office.

Marlene Ferreira commented on "Mayor Pedro Segarra shares his story with Francisco Chang" 2015-06-30 12:45pm

Mayor Segarra's story of seeking and finding opportunity strikes a cord with me. Providing opportunity for people to stabilize their lives and pursue their dreams is very important work! Francisco Chang is a star among students who has just graduated and is looking forward to studying at Trinity College in Hartford.

Cindy Smith commented on "Dorothy Kittaka shares her story with Shelby Renier" 2015-06-28 10:45am

My daughter interviewing Dorothy Kittaka. :)

David Tootle commented on "Interview with 3 Former US Marines, the Boyle brothers" 2015-06-04 4:11pm

Boyle Brothers

joy s. green commented on "Tayquan Barnes interviews Rashard Jones" 2015-05-26 7:29pm

It is so important for our young black men to become inspired with hope and positivity at an early age. Beautiful job!

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